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Is there a way test my code in a cloud environment?

Yes! Raincode 360 is an advanced showcase, designed for you to test your IBM mainframe applications in a cloud environment without taking any risks or making any financial commitments.

Fully NET 6  – Azure Container Apps

Your Benefits

software developer

Easy to install

Raincode 360 is available in the Azure Marketplace to download and set up for your exclusive usage in a few clicks.

software developer

Real life demos

An advanced showcase designed to give you a taste of what your legacy code will feel like in a cloud native environment.

5000 MIPS

Bring your own code

Benefit from testing your IBM legacy in a cloud native environment.

Raincode 360

An advanced cloud environment showcase to migrate IBM mainframe applications to Azure

Raincode 360 is available to download in the Azure Marketplace, all you need to do is search for ‘Raincode 360’ and click ‘Get It Now’ to begin your migration journey in a cloud environment.  

The Raincode 360 advanced showcase is deployed as an Azure application, and it is designed to allow you to become familiar with the Raincode product suite. Raincode 360 incorporates sample code, development projects, data, tools, compilers and a guided presentation. 

Raincode 360 offers you an advanced developer experience. It comes equipped with Visual Studio integration, so you can experience enhancing your legacy code in a .NET 6 environment. Raincode 360 does not conflict with current workloads or require maintenance as it is a demo environment.  

Raincode 360 is secure and sealed for all of your testing needs. You decide what goes inside the machine, we cannot enter your machine without your explicit consent, so you have the freedom to use it as you best see fit. However, we are always on hand and ready to help should you need it. 

It comes readily equipped with demo use cases of the entire Raincode product suite. Embedded in these compilers is HLASM support, support for DB2 (through Microsoft HIS), SQL Server and IMS DB/DC emulation. All compilers – COBOL, PL/I, ASM370 integrate seamlessly with C#.

Raincode 360 also includes Raincode Batch – Raincode’s JCL interpreter. It includes all basics of JCL interpretation, Catalog Explorer and many utilities including sorting. 

Raincode 360 includes a CICS emulator which offers the facility to debug your CICS applications, 3270 terminal support and a management console.  

Most importantly with Raincode 360, you can test out a full demo cloud native deployment based on a CICS application. It demonstrates the feasibility to orchestrate your applications into Docker containers and support your CI/CD with DevOps.

Raincode 360 is a free demo environment in which you can upload your own code and test it in a cloud native environment. With Raincode 360 you have the opportunity to understand what your code will feel like in a cloud native environment, and as it is free to download, you can try before you buy – so you won’t be taking a leap into the unknown if you decide to fully migrate your mainframe.  

Get Raincode 360 for free today in the Azure Marketplace.