Our references

Our customers have chosen Raincode for their mainframe modernization journeys for a multitude of different reasons. Raincode has migrated countless numbers of mainframes all across the globe over the past 20 years with great success, our methods proving to please our customers and offer them a painless migration to cloud native and a final solution to take them off the mainframe once and for all.

Below you can find some examples of our mainframe modernization projects with various companies who have taken a clear step forwards to independency and profitably reduced the cost of their mainframe.

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Raincode only handles large mainframes, starting from 5,000 MIPS upwards. For large mainframes, the lift and shift method is not a viable option. Mainframe migration is no small feat and does not happen overnight. To target the migration of a large mainframe, we use the incremental modernization method. Using this method, we keep the mainframe applications running both on the mainframe and on the cloud, until the migration process is complete. This method reduces the risk of any errors, and the mainframe can be switched off little by little once your applications have been safely migrated, and it gives you the freedom to completely switch off your mainframe once the migration to the cloud is complete.

Once your mainframe applications have been migrated to cloud native, your mainframe becomes endlessly scalable as you will no longer be restricted by the mainframe’s limitations. Becoming cloud native allows you to expand and develop your applications safely in a CI/CD environment.

At Raincode when we migrate your mainframe applications, we will never touch your original source code. We ensure that your legacy code is never translated, never rewritten, only compiled. You then have the freedom to develop your legacy code in a modern language such as C# using the Microsoft Visual Studio© plugin, whilst your legacy code remains intact. We also ensure that none of your original legacy code gets left behind. We offer a full spectrum coverage, everything from databases to languages is covered. Trust us, we have thought of a migration solution for everything.