Raincode Studio is a fully configured Azure-based virtual machine containing the entire Raincode product portfolio, including the COBOL, PL/I and Assembler compilers, the Visual Studio plugin, as well as Raincode QIX (CICS emulation) and Raincode Batch (JCL emulation).It includes the Raincode product suite, and nothing but the product suite: it contains no sample application nor sample data, database of any kind, etc.  Raincode Studio frees you from the burden of installing the tools one by one, and allows you to start working on your project in a fully configured environment in a matter of minutes.

Raincode Studio also comes with a non-renewable temporary license for 4 weeks, so that you can start working right away. This license is meant to be replaced by a more permanent one if this virtual machine must be used for more than evaluation purposes.

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