Mainframe Load spikes?

Mainframe Load Spikes? Scale with Kubernetes.   This is the age of cloud computing, Docker, Kubernetes and more. Your company deserves all cutting-edge technologies. Use the cloud-native scale out capabilities of the Raincode toolset and deal with the Load Spikes. Follow the success story of Volvo Cars, see for yourself how they coped with mainframe overheating, and maintained a unique set of COBOL applications running both

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Mainframe to Cloud Native Minute #4

Taking Your Data to the Cloud   Your mainframe applications are only part of what you need to take to the cloud Handling databases is a crucial part of your modernization project. To ensure a successful migration to the cloud, you need the right tools and expertise. Raincode products are designed

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Mainframe to Cloud Native Minute #3

Cloud Native Mainframe Modernization with Raincode   Which Raincode products are cloud native? All of them. Raincode develops cutting-edge tools and services that help you modernize your legacy systems while maintaining high availability and retaining your valuable business logic. We provide compilers, programming language analysis, legacy modernization tools, and emulators

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Thinking about automatic translation to Java? Think again.

Is automatic translation to from COBOL to Java really all it's cracked up to be?   In the quest to transform legacy applications into modern, web-based services, automatic translation from COBOL to Java is often touted as a fool proof way to quickly and efficiently modernize your system without sacrificing decades of programming

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Mainframe to Cloud Native Minute #2

Bleeding-edge deployment with Rudr and Dapr    Barely a year old, both Dapr and Rudr are changing the way developers build and deploy cloud native applications on Kubernetes.  So, what is Raincode’s approach to Kubernetes deployment with Rudr and Dapr? Automated container generation and OAM Docker images are automatically generated

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Mainframe to Cloud Native Minute #1

For mainframe to Kubernetes deployment, the time is now.    Does Raincode support deployment to Docker and Kubernetes? The simple answer?  Yes!  We replatform mainframe workloads to Docker and Kubernetes so that they execute on Azure or any cloud.  But how? Migration, not transformation Our compilers are designed to

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