The Raincode COBOL compiler

The Raincode COBOL compiler supports IBM Mainframe COBOL syntax, data types, and behavior.

Applications can be migrated seamlessly, and the Visual Studio® 2019 plug-in provides a comfortable and productive development environment.

The Raincode COBOL Compiler facilitates new development in C# and frees you from the financial burden of COBOL licensing costs.

  • Generates 100% managed code, thread-safe code for .NET and .NET Core.

  • Native support for SQL and CICS®. The source code debugged is exactly the same as the source being maintained rather than the output of a pre-processor.

  • Plugin for Visual Studio® 2017 featuring a debugger, compiler configuration, color coding, code folding, and project management.

  • Support for all COBOL data types, with mainframe memory representation.

  • Seamless integration with the Raincode PL/I and Raincode ASM370 compilers.

  • Populates a repository for call graphs, statistics, and other portfolio analysis tasks.

  • Support for static or dynamic SQL, targeting DB2® (through Microsoft’s HIS®) and SQL Server®.

  • EBCDIC support.

Free Raincode COBOL Compiler