The Raincode PL/I compiler

The Raincode PL/I Compiler is a legacy compiler for the .NET platform. It fully supports mainframe PL/I syntax, data types, and behavior.

Applications can be migrated seamlessly, and the Visual Studio plugin provides a comfortable and productive development environment.

    • Generates thread-safe, 100% managed Azure-ready code for .NET 4.5.1 and beyond, in both 32- and 64-bit mode.
  • Full PL/I pre-processor.

  • Support for generic classes.

  • Array, record, and BY NAME arithmetic.

  • Dynamic allocations and dynamically defined data types.

  • Parameter passing by value and by reference.

  • Self-describing structures (REFER clauses).

  • Label variables.

  • Non-local GOTO statements.

  • Grammatical tolerances to cope with loosely formed PL/I code as supported by mainframe-based compilers.

  • Full support for recursion.

  • Full support for PL/I conditions with accurate behavior.

  • Native EBCDIC support.

  • Seamless Integration with the Raincode COBOL compiler.

  • Visual Studio plugin.

  • Support for static or dynamic SQL, targeting DB2 (through Microsoft’s HIS) and SQL Server®.

Easy Transition to .NET core

The Raincode PL/I Compiler is aimed at making the transition to the .NET platform as smooth and as painless as possible. Therefore, accurate mainframe emulation one of its most important features.

  • All numeric types – except for floating points – are bit-wise equivalent to their mainframe equivalents.

  • The behavior implemented is derived from the mainframe implementation, and the exact same behavior is reproduced, even when it contradicts the original language standard or its own documentation.