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Everything you always wanted to know about migrating real mainframe applications with COBOL, PL/I, CICS and more running as microservices in Dockers and Kubernetes, communicating with dapr, and hosted on Azure, managed by AKS in available as a fantastic and interactive demonstration showcase.

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  • The Visual Studio Experience

  • Local Dockers Support

  • Continuous Integration – Continuous Development

  • Scalability with KEDA (Kubernetes Even Driven Autoscalling)

Consider now that your mainframe legacy in now Cloud Native enabled and benefits from all available DevOPS from Kubernetes Cluster to Azure Functions, and Open Source utilities like Swagger or HELM to name a few.

Advanced Showcase

The Compilers for your Cloud Native Success

Raincode Legacy Compilers were designed from the ground up as legacy compilers, as opposed to development compilers, in recognition of the fact that they will be used far more often to compile existing portfolios than newly developed code.

The only industrial standard COBOL compiler for .NET Core. Runs your IBM legacy code on .NET Core

The Raincode PL/I Compiler for .NET Core support IBM mainframe syntax, data types and behavior

Raincode ASM370

The Raincode ASM370 compiler for .NET Core allows you to port, maintain and even debug your assembler code on .NET Core environment

The JCL Interpreter is aimed at making the transition to the .NET Core platform as smooth and as painless as possible

Raincode CICS is an emulator for .NET Core and Azure platforms. It is the ideal companion for the Raincode COBOL compiler and the Raincode PL/I compiler.



Modernize your mainframe legacy applications by seamlessly migrating and integrating them with a modern, cloud-based technology stack without changing a single line of code!

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SQL and CICS Support

Embedded SQL and CICS statements recognized at the compiler level, without requiring an external precompiler

SORT Utility

Raincode Legacy Compilers include a DFSORT-compatible sort utility. It can be used to port complex mainframe batch jobs to the .NET Core and Azure platforms.

IBM Bug Emulation

Raincode Legacy Compilers are aimed at making the transition to the .NET Core platform as smooth and as painless as possible.

.NET Core Integration

Legacy software applications must be able to evolve in a modern environment like the .NET Core framework.

Visual Studio Integration

The Raincode Legacy Compilers are fully integrated in Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2019 development environment.

The Repository

The repository describes various artifacts found in the source code.

PL/I Unlikely Constructs

PL/I is a versatile language, where the level of ambiguity is such that actual bugs may go unnoticed because the compiler accepts the input

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