The Raincode JCL interpreter

The Raincode JCL (Job Control Language) Interpreter is plug-compatible with the z/OS JCL. It makes the transition of the intricate business logic embedded in JCLs to the Azure and .NET platforms as smooth and as painless as possible.  It is a proven, in-use product that is both robust and versatile.

  • Comes with replacements for many utilities (DF-SORT, IDCAMS, IEBGENER and more).

  • Full catalog support

  • Features efficient locking using Win32 API’s, which is much lighter and faster than using a database as lock server.

  • Runs code compiled by the Raincode COBOL, PL/I, and ASM compilers, but can also run steps written in virtually any code.

  • Support for a scan mode (for validation, without executing steps)

  • Support for a repository database gathering all the information regarding the JCL for statistics and portfolio analysis tasks

  • Support for Control-M’s Autoedit extensions

  • Can be configured and fine-tuned with user-written code adapt it to your own needs.

  • Comes with a versatile parser generator for the convenient development of additional utilities if necessary.