An advanced showcase to migrate IBM mainframe applications to Azure

 Raincode 360 Advanced Showcase – Mainframe to Cloud Native

How to modernize IBM mainframe COBOL, PL/I, HLASM portfolios to Azure.


This complete scenario incorporates the code, the development project, the data, the tools, the compilers, and a guided presentation.
Raincode 360 Advanced Showcase is deployed as an Azure Resource Manager Template.
  • Developer Experience – Visual Studio integration – Repository Database

  • Raincode Legacy Compilers – HLASM support – Support for DB2 (through Microsoft’s HIS) and SQL Server -Seamless integration of all compilers (COBOL, PL/I, ASM370 and C#) – SQL Rewriting


  • Raincode Batch: JCL Interpreter – Basics – Catalog Explorer – Sorting and other utilities

  • CICS Emulation – 3270 terminal support – Debugging CICS applications – Management console


  • Cloud Native Deployment – Dapr – CICS without an emulator – Docker containers – DevOps support

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