Raincode Legacy Compilers Features

The Raincode Legacy Compilers for PL/I and COBOL provide full support for legacy code.

SQL and CICS Support

Embedded SQL and CICS statements recognized at the compiler level, without requiring an external precompiler

SORT Utility

Raincode Legacy Compilers include a DFSORT-compatible sort utility. It can be used to port complex mainframe batch jobs to Azure platforms.

IBM bugs emulation

Raincode Legacy Compilers are aimed at making the transition to the .NET Core platform as smooth and as painless as possible.

.NET Core Integration

Legacy software applications must be able to evolve in a modern environment like the .NET Core framework.

Visual Studio Integration

The Raincode Legacy Compilers are fully integrated in Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2019 development environment.

The Repository

The repository describes various artifacts found in the source code.

PL/I Unlikely Constructs

PL/I is a versatile language, where the level of ambiguity is such that actual bugs may go unnoticed because the compiler accepts the input

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