.NET Core Integration

Evolution from our award-winning .NET compilers

Our .NET compilers give the most accurate emulation of IBM’s mainframe compilers. The technology is running in production in banks, insurances, retails and governments around the world. All these optimizations are now available in our compilers targeting .NET Core.

The only industrial standard COBOL compiler for .NET core. Runs your IBM legacy code into .NET Core

The Raincode PL/I Compiler for .NET Core Support IBM mainframe syntax, data type and behavior

Raincode ASM370

The Raincode ASM370 compiler for .NET Core allows you to port, maintain and even debug your assembler code under .NET Core.

Download the Raincode COBOL Compiler for free

Raincode COBOL Compiler for .NET Core – Technical Webinar

Visual Studio integration

  • Code coloring

  • Snippets

  • Code completion

  • Build and debug project

Running COBOL applications

  • Stand-alone runner

  • Extensible and pluggable

  • Runs on Windows and Linux

  • .NET Core or .NET Framework

Docker compiler and demo Container

  • The Runtime, Compilers, .NET Core bundled into a single container

  • Compile and Run COBOL code on Linux systems