Visual Studio Plugin 2019

The Raincode Legacy Compilers are fully integrated in Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2019 development environment. They provide developer productivity tools such as color coding and code folding, complete compiler integration and a COBOL or PL/I-aware debugger.

  • Color coding

  • Code folding

  • IntelliSense

  • Automatic completion (variables, labels)

  • Declaration (Go-to definition)

  • Declaration (hover)

  • A debugger and breakpoints

  • C# project referring from COBOL

  • Optimization for VSAM

Perfect integration with the Legacy Compilers

The Raincode Legacy Compilers integrate with Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2019 to allow configuration of the numerous compiler and execution options, such as those controlling SQL database and CICS integration.

The compiler can be invoked from within Visual Studio. Errors found while compiling source code are displayed in the Error view. A simple click positions the cursor on the offending line in the source file.

Successfully compiled programs can be launched from within the development environment, taking all the parameters controlling runtime configuration into account.

Symbolic debugging

Raincode compilers also fully integrate with development environment debuggers. Breakpoints can be set in the source code and step-by-step debugging performed.

Variable values can be viewed and modified either through the Local view (which displays the local variables of the current procedure) or the Watch view (which displays specific variables).

The debugger can be used to perform mixed language debugging: it automatically switches from PL/I / COBOL source debugging to C# (or any other .NET language) when needed.