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Raincode SORT, the DFSORT-compatible sort utility

The professional editions of the Raincode Legacy Compilers include a DFSORT-compatible sort utility. It can be used to port complex mainframe batch jobs to the .NET and Azure platforms.

This utility is fully integrated in the Raincode compilers for internal sorts (SORT verb in COBOL, PLISRTx builtins in PL/I) to ensure guaranteed consistency and equivalent performance levels across-the-board.

  • Native .NET implementation

  • Available in both 32 and 64 bits mode, for blazingly fast in-memory sort whenever applicable

  • Heavily multi-threaded, for top-notch performance when used with modern multi-core architectures

  • Recognizes the full DFSORT syntax, including merge, filtering, stable sorting, etc

  • Reuses the wealth of file access mechanisms provided for the Raincode compilers for ultimate flexibility (sequential, indexed, through an external file handler, etc.)

  • Supports multiple encodings, including ASCII and EBCDIC, both for data and collating orders

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