Mainframe Modernization:
Real Life Stories


A Raincode webinar in collaboration with Microsoft and Accenture

The Webinar

Enjoy our webinar on the topic of ‘Mainframe Modernization: Real Life Stories’ in collaboration with Microsoft and Accenture. Featuring four of the industry’s most experienced professionals who discuss their real-life experiences, their successes and challenges in the field of mainframe modernization and compiler technology.

The Speakers

Ulrich Homann

MicrosoftCorporate Vice President

With 30+ years of global experience in development, design and large-scale deployment of software systems, in this Webinar, Uli discusses what a migrated Mainframe should look like today.

Piotr Kupsiz 

Accenture Associate Director

Piotr runs large-scale mainframe migration projects for large universal banks in Central Europe, and in this webinar he gives us his unique experience and perspective on this topic.

Pierre Milet

MicrosoftDomain Solution Architect

One of the industry’s most renowned experts in .NET architecture and mainframe modernization, Pierre shares his experience in the migration of ASISA’s COBOL applications to a fully Cloud-native architecture.

Raymond Dias

Duke EnergyLead IT Business Analyst

In this webinar Darius Blasband – CEO of Raincode interviews Raymond on the very unusual aspects of Duke Energy’s migration of their CICS application.

Mainframe Modernization: Real Life Stories Full Webinar

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