How to migrate my Easytrieve® programs to the cloud?


As a complete emulator for Easytrieve®, zTrieve reproduces its exact functionality.

Key features of the Raincode zTrieve Emulator

Full emulation of Easytrieve®
MS Visual Studio© 2022 plugin
Compatible with relational data sources (DB2 and SQL Server)
Compatible with all sequential and indexed data sources, (including Raincode VSAMSql)

Supported by Raincode Insight for assessments

Integration with Raincode IMSql when rehosting IBM IMS™ systems

Seamless integration with compiled COBOL, PL/I, and ASM programs

Compatible with Docker, Kubernetes, and dapr for cloud native deployment

As a complete emulator for Easytrieve®, zTrieve reproduces its exact functionality, making it non-transformational, just like the rest of Raincode’s offering. In other words, it does not require any change to your existing  Easytrieve® programs or the JCLs they integrate with. zTrieve also supports both the intermediate (interpreted) mode, where the program is read from the JCL on the fly, and a compiled mode where standalone DLLs are generated.

The tool minimizes disruption when rehosting Easytrieve® workloads by treating it as a language on par with COBOL, PL/I, and Assembler and by significantly minimizing the testing required.

zTrieve operates fully integrated in a rich ecosystem:

  • Raincode JCL fully supports zTrieve, so that existing JCLs can be rehosted without change.
  • Raincode Insight integrates zTrieve as part of its assessment portfolio.
  • zTrieve programs can call compiled COBOL, PL/I; and Assembler programs transparently.
  • It reuses Raincode’s extensive for relational database, targeting both DB2 (on and off the mainframe) and SQL Server. It also supports rewriting, allowing code written for DB2 to be rewritten transparently to be run on SQL Server.
  • zTrieve integrates transparently with IMSql, when rehosting IMS/DB systems.
  • All the support options for sequential and VSAM files utilized by the Raincode product line are available to zTrieve, including native drivers and VSAMSql if non-relational data is stored on SQL Server.
  • zTrieve is compatible with the most prominent cloud-native technologies on par with other Raincode products (Kubernetes, Dockers, and dapr, etc.).
  • Raincode’s Visual Studio plugin supports comfortable edition, configuration, and execution of zTrieve programs for an improved developer experience.

With zTrieve, rehosting Easytrieve® workloads is now so easy, it is just a box to tick.

Easytrieve® is a registered trademark of Broadcom.